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Training Requirements for NEMT Driver


NEMT drivers must complete specific training requirements to ensure they are qualified to transport passengers in a safe and dependable manner.

State-specific NEMT driver training requirements may exist, but all NEMT drivers must also comply with federal regulations. The resources offered for satisfying those standards will also be covered in this blog article, along with the state and federal training requirements for NEMT drivers.

Specific State Requirements

For NEMT drivers, each state has its own specific criteria for training. These prerequisites could include anything like:

  • CPR and first aid training
  • testing for drugs and alcohol
  • Checks of the past

For instance, NEMT drivers in New York State are required to have a current driver's license, pass a physical exam, and finish a defensive driving course. They also need to be certified in CPR and first aid and pass a background check for criminal activity.

Governmental Requirements

Before they can start driving, all NEMT drivers must fulfill a number of conditions set forth by the federal government. A valid driver's license, passing a physical examination, and finishing a defensive driving course are a few of these requirements.

All NEMT drivers are also required to complete a criminal background check, submit to drug and alcohol testing at least once a year, and possess first aid and CPR certifications. They must also follow any rules that the Department of Transportation may have established.

Training Materials

If you want to fulfill the training requirements for NEMT drivers, there are many resources accessible. They consist of:

  • Online education
  • Actual classes
  • Manuals and books

The American Red Cross, for instance, provides both in-person workshops and online CPR and first aid certification courses. The Department of Transportation publishes books and guides on its rules for NEMT drivers, while the National Safety Council offers online defensive driving courses.


In conclusion, before NEMT drivers can start operating their vehicles, they must fulfill both state-specific and federal standards. They include having a current driver's license, being in good physical condition, finishing a defensive driving course, submitting to drug and alcohol testing at least once a year, clearing a background check, and possessing first aid and CPR certifications.