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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation
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Folks across Brooklyn and the greater New York City area depend on non-emergency medical transportation services to get to and from important healthcare appointments, so our NEMT experts offer wheelchair, stretcher, and ambulatory transportation to get you wherever you need to go.

NEMT in Brooklyn, NY shouldn’t be difficult to come by. If you have to get to a spontaneous appointment, you want to know that a ride is just a call away. We make that possible by providing services for both passengers who need last-minute transportation and those who want to plan rides in advance. Non-emergency medical transportation in Brooklyn, NY is absolutely crucial to the community, so we make sure we offer a service that’s accessible for everyone. If you need a quick ambulatory ride, we’ve got you covered. If you require a long-distance wheelchair transport, we’re happy to assist you. We pride ourselves on making transportation a simple, pleasant part of every NEMT passenger’s day. If you need a ride in Brooklyn, it’s as easy as using a mobile app on your phone to book a ride, or if you’d rather book through a transportation broker, we work directly with local and regional companies to ensure you have a ride.

Top-notch service

When you need a ride, you want a company you can trust. NEMT Brooklyn gets you where you need to go on time, every time—guaranteed.

Versatile fleet

Our fleet of ADA-compliant vehicles consists of wheelchair vans, ambulatory vehicles, and stretcher vans to accompany passengers with varying levels of needs.

Experience you can trust

We’ve been around the block a few times, so we know what it takes to offer the best transportation service possible to our passengers. From our drivers to our billers and dispatchers, every part of the NEMT process is managed and carried out by experts, because our customers deserve nothing less than the best. We use NEMT software for better workflow.

Non-emergency medical transportation services

We know everyone has different needs, so we offer a variety of services to cater to as many folks as possible. Learn more about our services below.


If you need transportation without any hands-on assistance, we offer curbside ambulatory rides to those in the Brooklyn area. Simply book your ride, track your driver via the passenger app, and come outside when you see we’ve arrived. Ambulatory rides may be local or long-distance, depending on circumstances.

Wheelchair trips

If you need to be transported in a wheelchair, we have a fleet of wheelchair vans led by highly trained drivers to get you to your destination. We can bring a wheelchair with us, or you can use your own. Our drivers will come to your door and get you from your home to the vehicle, then the vehicle to the healthcare office, safely.

Stretcher trips

Some of our passengers are most comfortable traveling in a stretcher for various medical reasons, so our vans are stocked with stretchers when needed. Our ADA-compliant vehicles come with the appropriate safety mechanisms to ensure passengers are secure throughout their trip.

If you need a non-emergency medical transportation ride in Brooklyn, NY, get in touch with us today!